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Welcome to Paradise Trailer Park
Welcome to Paradise Trailer Park
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Trailer Park
Paradise Park  is a  collection  of  short  stories  about  Lucille  and  Melenor,  two endearing trailer park girls.  The stories revolve around the sometimes funny, sometimes not so funny, but  always compelling and entertaining events of  their sordid little lives.   Unfortunately for the  girls,  you  can always  count on  an  badly  timed  visit  from  some  bizarre unwelcome trailer  park  wierdo. 

These  stories  were  originally  written  and  produced  as  stage  plays.  The  Paradise Park series  has  enjoyed  multiple  performances  in  a  number  of  local  theatres.  Our theatrical versions of  Paradise Park  have always  proved popular with diverse audiences, prompting additional episodes.

In late 2000,  we decided  to compile  and  revamp  the  current scripts along  with  a  sizable amount of  new material to form a feature length script.  This project became "Adventures in Paradise Park", our first film project, now in pre-production. 

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